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November 12, 2008

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Revell 1/48 PBY/0A-10A Catalina ~ In-box preview by The Mad Klingon

One of the most important capabilities of the Catalina patrol bomber was its long endurance time and durability. During World War II, in addition to the plane's scouting duties, this rugged flying boat was invaluable as a search and rescue tool. Following the War, the U.S. Air Force continued these operations with two hundred and thirty PBY-5As, built for the Navy but were released to the Army and were designated OA-10A.

Box Art


What You Get

Full box.

Instructions & decals.

Clear parts.

Parts sprue #1.

Parts sprue #2.

Parts sprue #3.

Parts sprue #4.

Detail closeup


The first thing you will notice about the Revell 1/48 PBY/0A-10A Catalina (just re-released) is the beautiful artwork and it's hard not to notice because it's printed on such a huge, sturdy box! Inside the box you find 5 sprues (4 light gray and 1 clear) packed pretty tight. In fact, you will to bend the sprues slightly to get past the large lip of the box. A 15 page, 1-color instruction booklet and a large sheet of perfectly registered and vividly printed decals.

Looking over the plastic you will notice the fine recessed panel lines and rivet detail. The detail level of the kit is good right out of the box. I did notice some flash. The landing gear can be modeled up or down and the float assemblies can be shown retracted or extended. No crew is included. I also noticed seat belt detail and weighted tires. 4 Depth Charge bombs are also included. The completed model is huge with a wingspan of over 26 inches. The 1/48 Revell PBY is an important subject and a beautiful aircraft that will make one hell of an impression at any show..


Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Revell (recently re-released Monogram kit)
What you get: 4 sprues of light gray plastic and 1 clear; 124 parts. 15 page, 1-color instruction booklet. 1 large sheet of perfectly registered decals for 2 aircraft.
Price: I paid $33.75 (retail) at a local shop but it can be purchased on-line for a little less.
Molding Quality: Pretty good with only some flash.
Detail: Very Good! Fine recessed panel lines and rivet detail.
Accuracy: Looks good to me but I am not really a plane guy!
Pros: Big honking kit, good detail and large, beautiful decals. A lot of model for little money.
Cons: None really but I had a little trouble getting the sprues out of the box.

Final comments: I am impressed with the size of the kit and it is fairly priced. The detail is very good and the model would make an impact at your next contest. Recommended.



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