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March 13, 2010

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"Max Modeller Magazine" review by The Mad Klingon

There is a new magazine on the shelves this month. From the makers of AFV Modeller and AIR Modeller. comes MAX Modeller (no, I didn't spell that wrong - it's British).

I discovered this new periodical at my local Hobbytown (shocking, I know). Between the cover you'll find over 65 glossy pages of big, bold images and the clean layout we have come to expect from the European publishers.

Where the focus of AFV Modeller and AIR Modeller is on their respective subjects, MAX Modeller covers all categories of scale models.

Inside my issue (#3, Jan. 2010) is a great article on 1/72 Luft '46 including photos of the finished models and brief description of each build. Next is a detailed 2-page tutorial on drybrushing, a huge multi-page story on IPMS UK Nationals Scale Model World with large, detailed photos of the models including everything from the expected armor and aircraft to the unexpected Gundam Tank and a really well done armored beasty.



You'll also find the usual news and reviews but what you won't find - at least not yet - is a reader gallery. The editor states he would like to run a reader's model section, but doesn't have enough submissions. So, any to our readers in the UK, (all two of them) here is your chance! Visit for more information.

The cover price is 3.80 pounds, I paid about $6.00 - not bad. If you want a subscription be prepared to fork over $115.00. That seems excessive to me, so I recommend picking up each issue locally. At about $6.00 per issue you'll save $25.00.

I highly recommend this new magazine.

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